SAKAIGAWA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. [Corporate profile]

Integrated consulting enterprise of heat exchanger.

Since established in 1948, as it is an Idea to contribute to the society through the creation of the products with which clients can be satisfied, it has continued following in many severe economic environment as a maker of a fin tube heat exchanger consistently till today.It is our mission how it can be contributed to the clients challenged to the competition in the severe economic conditions of Japan and a global market. With understanding a clients needs exactly and of course, fulfilled what is demanded, it is trying to be able to obtain high reliance.Moreover, acquired ISO9001and ISO14001 for the quality improvement all the more of the design, production and delivery of the heat exchanger for industrial machinery and the heater/cooler for air conditioning.

Company Outline

Trade name : Sakaigawa industry Co,.Ltd.

Foundation : 10th January 1947

Establishment : 16th January 1948

Capital : 12,000,000 yen

Representative : Representative Director YABUTA Masakazu

Employee : 40


Manufacture and sales for the heat exchanger for industrial machinery

and the air conditioning cooler/ heater.

Head office íŽ Factory

210-1 Daiho, Mihara-ku, Sakai-city, OSAKA, 587-0001 JAPAN

TEL : 0081 - 72 - 361 - 3085

FAX : 0081 - 72 - 362 - 2094

E-mail :



Ex-director Sanada Fumio established Sakaigawa Industry at Minami-sakaigawa-cho Minato-ku, Osaka .( Namiyoke Minato-ku )


Established Sakaigawa Indstry Co,.Ltd. Manufacture and repair of the radiator made of cast iron for heating. Manufacture of the tank for water, oil, chemicals.


Started manufacturing the aero-fin tube and aero-fin heater.


Started ,manufacturing the various plate fin heater.


In January, at 20th Anniversary, new factory at Mihara-cho Minami-Kawachi-gun, Osaka, for strengthening of the production. In July, head office to Mihara factory, new Osaka office at Nishi-ku, Osaka.


For expanding production, the extension of first factory, and establishment of a painting factory.


Closed Osaka office, Integration to Mihara factory, Planned to efficiency for production and sales.


Established second factory for expanding production.


Sanada Katsuhiro was commissioned a representative director. For production reinforcement and expansion, introduced the fin automatic pressing machine, the circumference automatic seal welding machinery ,etc ...


Completion new office building. 1993At 45thAnniversary, reconstruction second factory for production reinforcement and expansion.

Passed KHK Welding operation method confirmatory test


Acquired ISO9001

Acquired ISO14001

Acquired boiler manufacturing license

Acquired class-1 pressure vessel manufacturing license

Acquired Pressure Vessele D1(Heat Exchanger Only) Manufacture License of Special Equipment people's Republic of China.

210-1 Daiho, Mihara-ku, Sakai-city, OSAKA, 587-0001 JAPAN

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